Guest Application & Policy – Daycare and Boarding Pets

All Customers are required to fill out and sign a Guest Application and Policy Agreement form. This requires a written signature on both forms, along with information about your pet(s). We cannot take a reservation without a current Guest Application and Policy Agreement completed and signed, nor can a dog attend daycare without it. You will find these forms in the above tab titled “Guest Agreement”. Finished forms can be returned to us by fax 615-­822-­2555, scanned and e-mailed to, postal mail, or simply dropping them by our office anytime Monday-Saturday during our office hours. Please call to verify we have received the forms.

Boarding Check-In Sheet

Each time your pet stays overnight with us we will have you fill out a boarding check-in Sheet. This provides us with important information about your pet(s) and their stay with us. This will help us know if your pet’s food, medicine, or health has changed from their previous stay with us, so we can provide the best care for your furry family member. Please have the above form titled “Boarding Check-In Sheet” filled out prior to dropping off your pet(s).

Grooming Pets

Pets that are coming to be groomed only will need to complete a grooming agreement with us. All pets dropped off for a groom only must be picked back up within a four hour period from their drop off time, unless they are attending daycare. All pets must show proof of current vaccination records listed below. Please have the above agreement titled “Grooming Agreement” filled out prior to dropping off your pet(s).

Vaccination and Spaying Requirements

Dog: DHLPP & Rabies (We accept both annual and 3-year shots) and Bordetella is required EVERY 6 MONTHS (even if your vet only requires it yearly) Puppies must be over 3 months old and have all rounds of puppy shots, including rabies and bordetella.

Cat: Rabies, FVRCP ALSO – every pet must be on monthly heartworm, flea and tick prevention. Although the Bordetella vaccine is administered, there are some strains that it does not cover and it is understood that pets are still at risk of contracting a virus at anytime.

**We will not take any female dog or cat that has not been spayed, unless they are under the age of SEVEN months***

Vaccination records MUST be received BEFORE the guest’s arrival for daycare, boarding, or grooming. (Must have proof of vaccinations from a vet, rescue, or adoption facility).

Payments for Services

All payments must be received when a pet is picked-­‐up from our facility. For your convenience if someone else is picking up your pet we will accept credit and debit card payments over the phone, prior to your pet’s departure.